Scion: Dark Days

Scion: Streets of Eitr

Annie Benoit
The child’s eyes were wide with terror. His nostrils flared rapidly as his his breath came in frenzied gasps. He ran, fled really, down the twisting dark caverns. Dark shadows flowed after him, wherever they touched hoarfrost spread along the walls, floors and cieling. The Boy fled down the labyrinth with ice and shadows hunting him.

Annie jerked awake, shivering, twisted in her sheets, her heart pounding in her chest. Matako her guide and companion slithered across her body. “heya boss, We had a visitor” A breeze wafted in through the open window. Matako informed her it was a ghost of a man he didn’t recognize, he left the envelope on the nighstand. Looking within the Envelope she found a plane ticket to San Fransisco (at 8AM, about 4 hours from now) and a card laced with pink ribbon and two words printed in beautiful flowing script. HELP HIM.


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